Thursday, November 7, 2013

 I was at care group last night and shared a story from my past, which I then mentioned on my facebook page because I was reminded that I need to tell that story more, and give God the glory for what He has done in my life. I was further appalled that my children have responded to that post with remarks that I have never told them the story. So here it is in detail.

When I was 13 I took a fall from a pony on the frozen ground right on my tail bone. I guess the fall resulted in compressed vertebra so over the next few years my back pain worsened. It slowed me down, not enough to quit riding and working in the barn, but that lifestyle made the back pain flare up continually. I wore a back brace for riding and barn work, uncomfortable and hot and I know I often snuck it off because it interfered with my riding. By the time I was 16 my back pain had worsened to the point that I was going to the chiropractor 3 times a week, on excessive pain medication and missing much school. The chiropractor visits helped immensely, but I still used painkillers to continue to function, especially in order to ride. I remember competing at a Pony Club National Rally in Lake Placid NY and both my horse (borrowed) and I were on the same pain medication, one not usually prescribed for humans because of it's dangerous side effects. I remember the night before the first phase of the competition doubling both of our doses (illegally), but I was not going to let my team down.

Several years later (maybe like 10) I was married with 2 children and attending a church conference in Indiana, PA (Celebration, for those who know). My back was so bad that I could not lean over and tie my shoe laces; my oldest son Gabriel had to do it for me. I moved very carefully so as not to strain or twist and fall down with pain. One evening meeting there was a man with the gift of healing who called for anyone wanting healing to come down to the front. We were in the gymnasium of Indiana University of PA and climbing up and down the bleachers did not stop me from responding. I knew God could heal me, but I had been dealing with the pain for so long I wondered if He would.

Now some of you may be a bit uncomfortable with the next portion of this story, but this is exactly what happened. More then a 100 people were down in front and the man was just walking along, going from one person to the next and placing his hand on their foreheads. The assistants had laid the wrestling mats on the ground behind us, and would stand behind each person as the man prayed for them, for when he prayed the Holy Spirit would overcome them and they would pass out. I remember thinking as he approached me, what do I do? I was not sure how this being "slain" in the Spirit worked! Like I needed to have it all figured out! I remember the man praying for the person next to me, then stepping in front of me and reaching his hand to my forehead. I do not know whether he actually touched me, for the next thing I remember was coming to, lying on the mat, with a blanket laid over me. As my consciousness returned, helpers helped me up, and there was no pain!!!

It has been almost 30 years since this has occurred and I have never had a re-occurrence of that excruciating pain. Yes, I can still have muscle aches form overdoing it, like anyone else, but not the debilitating, tear producing, limiting pain of my teen years.

What would my life be like without God's healing touch? I ride horses all the time; I work on the farm; I lift feed sacks and hay bales, tackle sheep to vaccinate and pull lambs, shovel snow and manure. It is clear to me that without God's healing touch, I could not be farming, I could not have the active life style I so enjoy. My children would not have had the life they did growing up, or my grandchildren the experiences we have now.

I am so sorry that I have not given God the glory He deserves for the blessings in my life. He not only provides for my salvation, but for the good life I have here on this earth. With such a testimony there is no doubt in my heart that God is who He is: powerful, good, caring. May my testimony encourage you too.