Saturday, February 2, 2013

3 In 30 Setting Goals

My Daughter in law has encouraged and challenged me so I have decided to link up with goals of my own for the month of February.

1. Follow my new cleaning schedule to work some each day(except Sunday) in every room. Because I had worked full time and also have all the farm chores to do, the house has been greatly ignored. Now the cleaning can be overwhelming, so I have devised a method where I break down each room into details, realizing that not each room will be completely cleaned before  moving to the next room and attacking its problem areas.

2. Spend time each day with a horse in training.(5 days out of 7)I have 2 unbroken young horses and a retraining to complete in order to have a more marketable animal this spring. One of those I hope to keep for myself.

3. Reach a minimum of 5 bags of STUFF to be given away. After living in this house for over 14 years, and not even counting all the stuff we transferred from the old house, I have accumulated too much stuff: clothes I don't wear or don't fit me, nick knacks that gather dust, appliances that I don't use, books I have read and probably won't read again, just stuff that clutters my house and my life.

A work in progress, and with a deadline. This is my guest bedroom and my son is home on leave on Tuesday. This is where he sleeps.


Steph B. said...

Very proud of you for linking up :) yahoo! !!!! ;) I am praying for you as you continue to reach your goals :)

aurie good said...

These are great goals :) I'm so glad that you linked up and joined in the challenge! We'll be cheering you on this month!

PS - I love Steph :)