Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Farm Fashion

Just because we are farmers, does not mean we have no fashion sense. It just means that we have our own sense of fashion.

What is farm fashion then?

The most common denominator of farm fashion is boots. No matter what else is being worn, one should not be without their boots. Even in summer and shorts. I have tried going in flip flops but stuff oozing up between my toes on a misstep is not fun, and that's an understatement. And with boots goes socks, which is almost a fetish with me. Ask my grandchildren. The 4 year old often comes up to me and says, "Look Grrmamaw, I have socks on."

So picture the pretty teenage girl at the county fair in short shorts, T shirt with rolled sleeves and striped socks peeking out above her ankle high boots. The boots might even be pink or with blue and pink top stitching. And of course, everything is brand named: the boots, the jeans, the T shirt, maybe even the ball cap.We think it's cute. And she doesn't stick out because all the girls, except the fair queen, are dressed similarly. (The fair queen would be dressed that way too if she could. Instead she is doddering around in heels trying to hand out ribbons in the uneven footing of the show ring.)

But farm fashion does not stop with the people.

Many people are now dressing up their dogs. Outfits for dogs are a large part of pet industry. And if you attend horse shows you will find horses bedecked in matching blankets and bandages, with undergarments of loud colors. They have a purpose-to keep clean and hair laying flat, but a simple unobtrusive color would do the same; but no, that would not express the individuality of the rider.

Well, on our farm the lambs get fashionable. In the cold of winter, lambs wear wool sweaters. Not the ones God has given them, but cut down and redesigned old sweaters for additional warmth. For the fun of it, when I go shopping at recycled clothing stores, I try to find the wildest colors. I love the added color to the landscape when lambs are rollicking about the pasture. Everything is brown, drab and depressing, until I see these cute little splashes of color.

So even the lambs get into the fashion scene. The other day I saw a picture of a sweater on a chicken. Now I draw the line there. Next thing someone will want to dress up their pet mouse or fish!

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